EBBR Compliance

This document describes how compliant and non-compliant this project is.

The specification is available here:

At the time of last updating this document the EBBR specification was at version 2.0.0.

Any compliance issues missing from this document means either a documentation bug, and it should be added to this document, or a non-compliance issue that should preferably be fixed.

Platform specific notes


With shared storage, as allowed by 4.1.1 GPT partitioning, reduces the NumberOfPartitionEntries value to make the required offset (LBA16) available.


With shared storage, as allowed by MBR partitioning, the partition scheme is MBR only. LBA1 is used by the platform Boot ROM, which conflicts with the GPT data structures.

Raspberry Pi

Contrary to 4.1. Partitioning of Shared Storage and 4.1.1. GPT partitioning, the shared storage disk images for the Raspberry Pi platforms use an hybrid partitioning scheme.

In this scheme, the protective MBR presents the firmware partition in a way the Boot ROM of these platforms can use. This is the only allowed use of the protective MBR. End-users should only edit the GPT entries, and ignore the existence of the protective MBR.

We are not strictly complying here mainly because it allows using the GPT and UEFI semantics better on a platform where we can.